Maxim 9

Lead Engineer and Program Manager: Suppressor System, MIM Components, Polymer Components, Industrial Design

  • Launched one successful firearm platform to market, on-spec and ultimately on-budget.
    • Maxim 9 sustained monthly production of over 500 units at an MSRP of $1499.
  • Utilized 3D-Printing resources to ideate and optimize ergonomic design of Maxim 9 pistol grip.
    • Innovative use of glass-filled Nylon 12 as shootable printed test grips cut overall development time by 14 weeks.
  • Analyzed and mitigated fatigue failure of three critical pistol components.
    • Reduced stress concentrations in pistol frame and delay wing by over 32%, achievingnear infinite fatigue life.
  • Developed 5 complex MIM fire-control components and 6 polymer injection molded parts.
    • SolidWorks mold tools to develop tooling methodology such as draft and parting lines.
    • Managed and oversaw vendor’s tooling development, delivery, and first article QC forcritical to quality dimensions and features.
  • Successfully transitioned 12 pistol components from design in R&D to manufacturing teams.
  • Developed and optimized modular suppressor for a multitude of 9mm ammunition.

Omega 9K

Lead Engineer

  • Built a new line of fully-welded silencers for durability, performance, and manufacturability.
    • Tube-less design represents a 40% reduction in weight, a 46% reduction in length, and remains 8.5 dB under hearing safe thresholds.

Omega 9SD

Support Engineer

  • Integration of Omega 9K technology.

Radius & SWR – SilencerCo Weapon’s Research

Support Engineer, Mounting System

  • Industrial Design Support, Housing
  • UI/UX
  • Video & Marketing Assets


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