bard access systems



  • Integrated 2 automated stations into a team-built 16-station rotary automated assembly cell.
    • Managed two $25K station budgets and delivered both on-time and under budget.
    • Helped manage the job cost accounting for the $2.5M automated cell program.
  • Designed and built 5 semi-autonomous test fixtures, equipped with pneumatics, PLC controls, stepper motors, fiber optic sensors, and HMIs.
    • Reduced man-hours of a bi-monthly endurance test by over 275 hours per test.
  • Developed 17 assembly tools and fixtures used in clean-room production and assembly.
  • Experimented utilizing multi-factorial DOE to develop a thermoplastic forming process for disposable blast seals, reducing scrap rate by over 80% and adding weeks to machine up-time.

PowerGlide Pro

  • Lead an ideation team in concept and brainstorm activities and created 5 vastly divergent concepts for the PowerGlide Pro product.
  • Invented device mechanisms, and named on 4 US patents with chief inventorship on a 5th.
  • Authored 3 idea Product Opportunity Appraisals (POA) pertaining to the PowerGlide Pro program and presented to business executives.
  • Acted as the technical lead for the 2 largest growth-generating programs in the company, the PowerGlide Pro and First Gear.


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