University of Utah

BS Mechanical Engineering


  • Graduated May 2014
  • Aerospace emphasis
  • Achieved skilled design and analysis expertise in SOLIDWORKS, ANSYS, and MATLAB

University of Utah: Pistol TeamOctober 2011 through March 2012


  • Team Captain
  • Practiced over 15 hours/week, focusing on fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Qualified for collegiate nationals at Ft. Benning, Georgia

University of Utah: Design Projects

  • S&W 1911 Pistol – Robotics & Systems Design I – Fall 2011

Reverse engineered and modeled a Smith & Wesson 1911Sc using SolidWorks CAD software as a design tool.


  • Potential Energy Robot/Catapult – Robotics & System Design I – Fall 2011

Designed and engineered an autonomous robot that used the conversion of elevated potential energy to mechanical power to provide propulsion and stored spring potential to fire a catapult.

Catapult design and implementation achieved the longest shot on target out of 30 teams.

  • Robotics and System Design II – Autonomous Battle Robot – Spring 2012

Designed mechanical and electrical systems to produce a fully-functional autonomous mobile robot.

Fabricated an electromechanical solenoid and implemented it as the robot’s innovative firing mechanism.

Utilized C++ logic to program and control an Arduino UNO providing forward mobility control and dictate timed firing of the solenoid cannon.

  • Finite Element Analysis – Desert Tactical SRS Precision Rifle – Fall 2013

Performed finite element analysis on the dynamics of the rifle’s firing mechanics and validated experimental results of long range ballistics as affected by variations in barrel contour, length, and muzzle devices.

  • Engineering Design I/II – Residential Wind Turbine – Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

Developed an innovative manufacturing process to produce the complex geometry of the helical turbine blades, winning the annual Boeing Innovation Award.

Brigham Young University



  • Attended August 2009 – December 2010
  • Gained experience with CAD software: NX, Catia, and ProEngineer



  • SolidWorks Advanced Certification
  • SolidWorks FEA Certification

Atlas Development Group


  • Crystal Ball & Monte Carlo Tolerance Simulation
  • Multi-Factorial Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Design and Use FMEA

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